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Maintenance of green areas of solar parks and solar panels

In order for the productivity of solar energy and the power of the solar panels to be maximum, it is necessary to carry out both the inspection of the equipment itself and the maintenance of the ground area under the panels. After all, every interruption costs both time and money.

Videos — TracMow | Remote Control Slope MowersSince all electrical systems wear out and age over time, it is also worth checking all the electrical connections of the solar panels and the condition of the inverter from time to time. A solar power plant is an electrical installation, the control for that must be left to professional electricians. If tall plants start to grow around the solar panels in the summer, they could also be removed for better productivity and electric production. In order to maintain the solar panels and eliminate faults, it is also necessary to get under the panels, for this the tall grass and hay should be cut from there. Remote-controlled green area maintenance- and slope mowers are a convenient, fast and, in terms of investment, also a cost-effective solution for mowing the grounds of the base of the solar panels and the surrounding area.

In our selection, we offer BARBIER remote-controlled mowers for mowing work in the maintenance of solar parks green area.

There are 5 different models in BARBIER’s selection + it is also possible to add a large selection of different accessories + a fully electric battery-powered solution and also a GPS autonomous mowing solution. In addition to mowing on a slope or flat area from the control panel, Barbieri slope mowers can also be set to independently/autonomously mow different areas according to the program of the selected mowing area.

With Barbieri mowers: speed, comfort, precision and high technology are in your hands. GPS, RTK portable system, all-electric solution, flex-trimmer, spray system, etc.

Barbieri radio controlled machines are at their best possibilities intended for mowing even in the most extreme conditions, e.g. on steep slopes, wet areas, etc. Thanks to the remote control, the operator can be at a safe distance during work and also direct the mower to work where it is otherwise difficult to access and perform the work.
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… low structures, large lands, tall grass, overgrown areas, slopes, everything can be mowed quickly and efficiently!
One machine, but the work of more than ten trimmers done at once. Maintenance of solar parks and all other possible green area – radio-controlled mowers Barbieri is a good and reliable choice!

As one option, it is also possible to take sheep to mow the land of the solar park … but if you don’t want to be tied to the snimal farm keeping, the Barbieri remote-controlled maintenance mowers are a sure choice for mowing!

If you want a demo of remote-controlled slope mowers, or to see them in action, feel free to contact us! We recommend the right mowing robot model for your according to your needs!