Slope mowers

Power, speed, autonomy, innovation

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remote controlled

Fully digital control. Advanced security systems, mowing height adjustment from the control panel

GPS ready

The possibility of saving the workspace, etc. An additional function is control from a tablet or smartphone


A wide range of additional equipment: trimmer mower, snow plow, spray system, GPS Servo drive compass, etc

Steep slopes,

bush, solar parks, snow pushing…You can do it anywhere!


Aiatäht OÜ is the representative and resale partner of BARBIERI GROUP in the Baltics

BARBIERI GROUP has proven itself as a “futurist” in small-scale mechanization of agriculture, maintenance of green and forest areas, especially on steep slopes, always offering reliable and innovative ideas to its customers.

After-care of equipment, consumables and spare parts from AIATÄHTE.

Aiatje in representative offices  are employees with long-term experience, experts in garden and forest technology. We give advice, recommend, maintain, find suitable spare and consumable parts and, if necessary, repair.



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